Great Britain would join the bandwagon with a pair of giant monsters. In 1961, "Gorgo" appeared. Captain Joe Ryan is salvaging for treasure off the coast of Ireland, when a volcano erupts, nearly sinking his ship. Ryan and his first officer, Sam Slade, take the ship to Nara Island for repairs. As they enter harbour, they discover the floating carcasses of marine animals, the first hint that something dangerous was awoken by the volcano eruption. They capture a giant reptile and bring it to London to put on display sort of like Carl Denham years earlier with "King Kong". They find out that the monster called "Ogra" by the villagers of Nara island is not an adult.  That adult wants her baby and takes London apart before she finds it and brings it back home. 

"Konga" made an appearance, much lower budget than "Gorgo" with Michael Gough as a scientist who can't get his priorities straight. Either he wants the buxom student he teaches or he wants to make his pet monkey his instrument in getting revenge on those who he thinks has wronged him. The monkey is given a serum and grows gigantic, holding Gough in his hand and smashing through London before the military bring it down.

Mothra. The first Japanese Science Fiction film that I saw in the movies, blown away by the color and special effects.  The human story was interesting, a little "cold-war" theme running there with Rolisica, plus a low-life individual who steals two tiny girls to put them on display, not knowing there is a giant monster that's coming to get them and destroy what's in its' path.  Little did I know these films would be a favorite for years to come. Toho would dominate science fiction films in the 50's and 60's.