Miguel Ferrer came from some pretty good pedigree, his father Jose was in "The Caine Mutiny", "Cockleshell Heroes", "Cyrano De Bergerac" and his mother was standards singer Rosemary Clooney.  Miguel was in his first film in 1983, "Heartbreaker".  In the world of "B" horror and science fiction he appeared in "Deepstar Six" in 1989 as a zealous engineer dealing with an undersea creature.  He had a major part in the first  "Robocop" and was in "Night Flight" in 1997 as a reporter who was following a series of murders, all the victims dying in a vampire fashion.  Ferrer was a regular in the TV series NCIS: Los Angeles playing Owen Granger in 105 episodes.  Ferrer died of throat cancer January 19, 2017 at the age of 61.

If you watched prime time television during the 60's through last year you no doubt saw Francine York.  Including appearing on the day time soap opera "Days Of Our Lives", York appeared on "Burke's Law","The Gallant Men", "Death Valley Days", "Lost In Space", "Land Of The Giants", "Batman","Perry Mason","Love American Style", "Kojak", and "The King Of Queens", and that's just a few.  It's the "B" films that we feature here with her first, 

In 1965 she was in "Space Probe Taurus" and "Mutiny In Outer Space"  The first about space exploration, the second about a fungus from the Moon that starts killing off the crew on a space station.

Jump to 1966 York co-starred with John Agar in "Curse of The Swamp People" and her final "B" films were in 1973 with "The Doll Squad" with Michael Ansara and Anthony Eisley and in 1974, "The Centerfold Girls" with Andrew Prine, Tiffany Bolling and Aldo Ray.  She still has an appearance coming out this year in "Ten Violent Women Part 2".  York was 80, the first show business personality to die in 2017.

Krekor Ohanian was born in 1925 but by 1953 he was known as Touch Connors and eventually would be billed as Mike Connors.  Touch made a number of films for American International Pictures such as "Sudden Fear", "Island In The Sky" with John Wayne, "Swamp Women", the science fiction film "The Day The World Ended" with Lori Nelson, Richard Denning and Paul Birch, "Shake, Rattle And Rock", "Voodoo Woman" with Marla English and Tom Conway, "Live Fast And Die Young", and "Suicide Battalion".  

Connors became well known with his appearances on the small screen, first as undercover agent in "Tightrope!" from 1959-60 but scored big as private detective Joe Mannix in "Mannix" which ran from 1967-1975. 

Connors continued to appear in films such as "Kiss The Girls and Make Them Die", "Avalanche Express", the remake of "Stagecoach" and "Too Scared To Scream" and his final television appearance on the sit-com "Two And A Half Men" in 2007.  Connors died January 27 at the age of 91.

Peter Brown was an American actor best known for his four-year role as young Deputy Johnny McKay opposite John Russell as Marshal Dan Troop in the 1958 to 1962 ABC/Warner Brothers western television series,Lawman and as Texas Ranger Chad Cooper on NBC's Laredo from 1965 to 1967. Brown co-starred with Pam Grier in the film "Foxy Brown" where he came up short in an encounter with Foxy.  Brown also appeared in "Piranha-Piranha"  with William Smith and Ahna Capri, Brown literally a punching bag for Smith in the film.  And daytime soap opera fans remember Brown for his stints on "Days Of Our Lives" "Young and The Restless" and "Generations". Brown was 80.

British actress Adrienne Corri, Despite having significant roles in many films, Corri is best known for one of her smaller parts, that of Mrs. Alexander, the wife of the writer Frank Alexander, in Stanley Kubrick's dystopian film A Clockwork Orange (1971). Though not originally cast in this role, she was brought in after the previous actress, reported to be Bernadette Milnes, left the film. She appeared in "Corridors Of Blood" with Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee in 1958.  In 1960 in "The Tell Tale Heart" which will appear in the main section. In 1967 she appeared in the costume piece "The Viking Queen" and two years later was in the space western "Moon Zero Two". In the 70's Corri starred in what is being called one of the better later Hammer films, "Vampire Circus" and with Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Robert Quarry in "Madhouse" . Corri was 85.

Country Western Hall Of Fame singer Merle Haggard was a rebel,his childhood was troubled after the death of his father, and he was incarcerated multiple times in his youth. He managed to turn his life around and meet success in music, gaining popularity with his songs about the working class that occasionally contained themes contrary to the prevailing anti-Vietnam War subject matter of much of the popular music of the time. In 1967 he was one of the stars in "Hillbillies In A Haunted House" with John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr., Basil Rathbone, Joi Lansing. The next year he was in "Killers Three" with Robert Walker Jr.,and Dick Clark, yes that same Dick Clark from "American Bandstand" . Haggard was 79, passing away on his birthday.

German Robles.  Died November 21st at the age of 86, his career began in Mexico in 1957 when essayed the role of Count Lavud in "El Vampiro" which he repeated more than once and also was the vampire "Nostradamus" in a series of films.  Robles was also the brain sucking "Brainiac"  in 1962.  Robles would continue to act until 2010 and also provided the Spanish voice for a number of American films and television shows released in Mexico and was the voice of Dr.Tom Horton, the MacDonald Carey character on the soap opera "Days Of Our Lives".

She wore dark glasses just like her fellow Davannan "Mr. Johnson" Anna Lee Carroll would be injected with rabid blood and die, giving the heroes led by Beverly Garland a clue about the alien "Johnson". Carroll would have roles on a number of television shows including "Death Valley Days", "Shannon" and "Surfside 6" and would appear in films like "The Woman Hunt" in 1962 and "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" in 1968 with Alan Arkin. Carroll died April 30, 2017 at the age of 86.

Yvonne Craig, many remember her as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl on the 1960's TV series with Adam West. But she appeared in some "B" films.Type your paragraph here. After co-starring with Elvis Presley in "Kissin'

 Cousins" in 1964 and dating the "King" Craig appeared on the TV series and co-starred with former Disney and American International Pictures star Tommy Kirk in the Larry Buchanan directed "Mars Needs Women". Buchanan's Azalea Pictures remade many AIP films with some AIP actors in lead roles,(John Ashley, John Agar, Aron Kinkaid). It was a low budget film about Martians specifically "Dop" who wanted to mate with earth women. Craig is a scientist, Dr. Marjorie Bolen who is trying to thwart the non-violent mission.  

Craig also appeared in the American International Pictures film "Ski Party" in 1967 with Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Deborah Walley, Aron Kinkaid, Robert Q.Lewis, James Brown and Leslie Gore. This 1965 film took the Beach Party gang to the slopes for some fun and singing in the snow.  Craig was Barbara Norris in a plot that involved Avalon and Hickman dressing like women in a "Some Like It Hot" idea trying to get in with the girls.  Look for Annette Funicello in a cameo as a teacher.  Craig would also turn up in "One Of Our Spies Is Missing", and "One Spy Too Many, a pair of "Man From U.N.C.L.E." films put together from 4 of the episodes and the James Coburn "In Like Flint" as "Natasha, the Ballerina". She would also show up in "Star Trek", "The Wild, Wild West", "Love American Style!". Craig was 78

We also said goodbye to Melody Patterson, who at the age of 16 auditioned for and got the part of Wrangler Jane on "F-Troop". Patterson appeared in "The Angry Breed" as April Banner with her future husband James MacArthur, the original  "Dan-O" in "Hawaii 5-0" (1968),  "Cycle Savages"(1969) as Lea with Bruce Dern and  as Elle Masters in "Blood and Lace"(1971) with Gloria Graham, Vic Tayback and Len Lesser. Patterson was 66 when she died remembered fondly by her "F-Troop" co-star Larry Storch.

Robots invade Chicago in 1954 and one of the people they menaced in "Target Earth" was Kathleen Crowley. Born in Green Bank, New Jersey which is also where she died, Crowley began acting in television appearing in 81 shows and 20 movies. After pairing with Richard Denning in "Target Earth" she was in the crime drama "City of Shadows" and the western "Westward Ho,The Wagons".  It was back to science fiction with "The Flame Barrier" dealing with a satellite that becomes infected with an alien life form that doubles it size every four hours. Her co-stars were Arthur Franz and Robert (Here Comes The Brides) Brown. In 1959 she was in "The Rebel Set" with Gregg Palmer and Edward (Get Smart) Platt dealing with coffee houses and an armored car robbery. In the same year she appeared in one of Universal Pictures final horror films "Curse Of The Undead" with Eric (Rawhide)Fleming and Michael Pate where Pate is a gun toting vampire. Crowley made just 3 films following this and spent the rest of her career appearing in television, most frequently on "Maverick" during its run.  Crowley died April 23rd, 2017 at the age of 87.

When you mention the name "Mr. Warmth", there's only one person who that applies to and that's Don Rickles. Born in Queens, New York, Rickles enlisted in the Navy and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1948 and had bit parts in television series. When acting roles didn't come his way, Rickles started doing stand-up comedy in New York, Miami and Los Angeles and when he would respond to hecklers he became known as an insult comedian and the audience enjoyed the insults more than his prepared material. He received a lot of notoriety for insulting Frank Sinatra and the "Chairman of The Board" enjoyed it and they became life-long friends. Rickles landed his first acting role with a couple of "A" listers, Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster in "Run Silent, Run Deep" in 1958.

Rickles would play a devious carnival barker in the 1963 film "X-The Man With The X-Ray Eyes" with Ray Milland and would go on to appear in a number of American International "Beach Party" movies starting with "Muscle Beach Party" as Jack Fanny, "Bikini Beach" as Big Drag, "Beach Blanket Bingo" as Big Drop and "Pajama Party" where he plays a Martian named BIg Bang. In addition to numerous talk show appearances, Rickels would also appear in "The Money Jungle" with John Erickson, "Kelly's Heroes" with Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland and Telly Savalas, "Innocent Blood" with Robert Loggia and "Casino" with Robert DeNiro".  Rickles died April 6th, 2017 of kidney failure, he was 90.  

A contract player at Columbia Studios, Lorna Gray would appear in a number of films from the late 30's to the early 50's. But her biggest fame came when she appeared in several Republic cliff hangers in the 40's starting with "Captain America" and "Federal Operator 99" and changed her name to Adrian Booth which she used for the rest of her life. She married actor David Brian and remained married until 1993. Gray died April 27, 2017 at the age of 99.

Zsa Zsa Gabor...mention the name and you think socialite/personality. Married nine times and appeared in films and television shows many times as herself.  But on this page, we remember her for her starring role in the 1958 "Queen Of Outerspace" with Eric Flemming, Laurie Mitchell, Paul Birch and Dave Willox. She was the only one of the Venusian women who wore fancy gowns and not the short skirts and spoke with a Hungarian accent.  The film has acclaimed cult status over the years using left over costumes from "Forbidden Planet" and some oversized spiders that showed up in "World Without End".  Gabor died at the age of 99. 

Erin Moran made only one foray into the world of "B" films and that was in the 1981 "Galaxy Of Terror" where she was Alluma.  She made her acting debut at the age of 6 in the TV Series "Daktari" which was a personal favorite of mine.  Her most famous role was as Joanie Cunningham in the sit-com "Happy Days" . During her run on that show, she was in the now cult-science fiction film "Galaxy Of Terror" co-starring with Edward Albert, Ray Walston, Sid Haig, Zalman King and a young Robert Englund. Moran died on April 22nd 2017.

A number of personalities have passed away lately one who appeared in a "B" film was Bernard Fox who died at the age of 89. He appeared in a number of TV sit-coms including "Hogan's Heroes" and "Bewitched". His "B" movie credits were few but specifically "The Bamboo Saucer" with Dan Duryea, John Erickson and Lois Nettleton in 1968. He was also Dr. Watson in "The Hound Of the Baskervilles" with Stewart Granger as Sherlock Holmes in 1972.

Born in the Bronx of a Cuban-American father and a Lithuanian mother, George Romero would become known as the "Father of the Zombie Film". He began his career making short films and commercials in the Pittsburgh area and with nine friends he formed "Image 10 Productions" in the 60's and directed "Night of The Living Dead" in 1968 with the help of friends, all in black and white.  The film was called a defining moment for the modern horror film. His next three films, "There's Always Vanilla", "Jack's Wife" and the critically acclaimed "The Crazies" were not as popular with fans but his take on a vampire "Martin" was. Romero returned to the zombie genre with "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead" and followed those up with "Knightriders" and "Creepshow". "Monkey Shines" and "Two Evil Eyes" followed but Romero went back to his roots as producer of a remake of "Night Of The Living Dead", this time in color directed by Tom Savini.  "Land Of the Dead" and "Diary of The Dead" continued the trend wrapping up with "Survival of The Dead". Having announced plans for another "Dead" film Romero died at the age of 77 on July 16, 2017. "The Walking Dead" TV show owes it's origins to Romero.

Martin Landau was born in Brooklyn, New York, an actor and acting instructor. He appeared in Hitchcock's "North By Northwest" and had award winning performances for the TV series "Mission Impossible" and also stared in the science fiction series "Space 1999". Landau received nominations for "Tucker: The Man And His Dream", "Crimes and Misdemeanors" and a supporting actor award for his role in "Ed Wood" in the role of Bela Lugosi.  His science fiction roles were in the multi starred "Meteor", "Without Warning" and "The Being". Landau died July 15, 2017 at the age of 89

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Charles Herbert died on  October 31st at the age of 66.  He made himself part of the "B" world when he appeared as a blind child in 1956 in an episode of "Science Fiction Theater" at the age of 8. He joined the movie lore when he appeared in the original "The Fly" with Vincent Price and David (Al) Hedison in 1958 and in the same year in "The Colossus Of New York". In 1960 he had top billing in William Castle's "!3 Ghost" and would also appear in Bert I.Gordon's "The Boy and The Pirates"  "One take Charlie" as he was called was making over $1600 a week and was in big demand. He co-starred with Sophia Loren,James Cagney, Cary Grant, Vincent Price during his career but the film work started drying up in the 60's so he went into television appearing in about 50 films and television shows during his career. Herbert couldn't make the transition to adult roles, and with no formal education or training to do anything else and with no career earnings saved, he led a reckless, wanderlust life and turned to drugs.With no family of his own, it took Herbert nearly 40 years to turn his life around. Clean and sober since August, 2004, his films, now reaching new generations of fans via DVD and cable TV, and his appearances at science fiction film festivals and conventions sustain him. He has expressed deep appreciation of the work Paul Petersen's organization, A Minor Consideration, has done for assisting present and former child actors both financially and emotionally. He died of a heart attack.

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For many years Richard Anderson played the part of Oscar Goldman on both "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman". But before that he appeared in a number of films starting in 1947 including the part of Chief Quinn in "Forbidden Planet" in 1956 and "Curse Of The Faceless Man" in 1958 where he fought a stone-encrusted body in Italy. Anderson made numerous television appearances over the years and had a continuous role in "Perry Mason".  He returned to the genre in 1973 in the follow up to the "Night Stalker" called "The Night Strangler" as Dr.Richard Malcom who has been alive for 140 years and has to kill every 20 years to remain alive.

Anderson died of natural causes on August 31st 2017 at the age of 91.

In the late 50's Warner Brothers just about produced all the shows on television. One of those was a western called "Bronco" which ran from 1958 to 1962 starring Ty Hardin. Born Orison Whipple Hungerford Jr he legally changed his name in 1958. Hardin had roles in the science fiction films "I Married A Monster From Outer Space" and "The Space Children" before starring in the TV series. "Bronco" alternated with 2 other popular westerns, "Sugarfoot" and "Cheyenne" and Hardin was given parts in some Warner Brothers films. When his contract ran out he went to Europe and made a number of Italian "Spaghetti" westerns and turned down the role of "The Man With No Name" that eventually went to a guy named Eastwood.  Hardin had roles in "Battle Of The Bulge" and "Savage Pampas" and was the first choice to play the part of Batman on the hit TV series but couldn't because he was filming in Europe. Hardin starred in an Australian TV series called "Riptide" and was a "red-herring" in the 1967 film "Berserk" with Joan Crawford and Michael Gough.  Hardin, who was married 8 times died August 3, 2017 at the age of 87.

British actor Robert Hardy who had a long career on the stage,screen and television. Hardy who was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1981 appeared in "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" and had roles in "Berserk" with Joan Crawford,,"Psychomania" with George Sanders and "Demons Of The MInd" from Hammer films. Hardy died August 3, 2017 at the age of 91.

A lot of you saw Don Gordon as Delgetti, Steve McQueen's partner in "Bullitt", but he appeared in many films in "uncredited" roles in the 50's but began to appear in a lot of television programs in the 60's among them "Combat", "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea", "12 O'Clock High", "The Outer Limits", "The Twilight Zone", "The Invaders", "The Fugitive" and "Wild Wild West". On the big screen he would appear in "Slaughter" with Jim Brown, "The Mack","The Towering Inferno" and "Papillon", both with McQueen. "The Beast Within", "Omen III" and "Exorcist III". Gordon died April 27th 2017 at the age of 90.

Daliah Lavi began her career in a number of French, German, Italian, Spanish and English language films, her first film appearance was in 1955 in "Hemsoborma". In the 60's her career took off appearing in "10 Little Indians" with Hugh O'Brian, Fabian, Dennis Price, the multi-star filled "Casino Royale", "The Whip and The Body" with Christopher Lee and the Matt Helm film, "The Silencers" with Dean Martin.  Lavi died in Asheville, North Carolina at the age of 74 on May 3, 2017.

She appeared in four different episodes of "The Saint" and was in other ITC television shows such as "Secret Agent","Man In A Suitcase", "The Persuaders" and the series "UFO".  Suzan Farmer was born in Kent and landed leading roles in a number of Hammer Films.  "Devil Ship Pirates", "Dracula: Prince of Darkness", and "Rasputin, the Mad Monk" all with Christopher Lee. Suzan would appear opposite Boris Karloff and Nick Adams in "Die Monster, Die" and in the spy film "Where The Bullets Fly" and with Lana Turner Ralph Bates and Trevor Howard in "Persecution" . She would return to television for the rest of her career including a run in the late 70's on the long running popular British soap opera "Coronation Street".  Suzan died September 17, 2017 at the age of 74, she had been married to actor Ian Mac Shane.

Director Jonathan Demme was one of those who learned his craft under Roger Corman. Co-writing and producing and eventually directing feature films which did hit the drive-in circuit. "Angels, Hard As They Come" and "The Hot Box" were the first two films he co-wrote. He directed for Corman "Caged Heat", "Crazy Mama"," Fighting Mad" for New World Pictures.  He would gain acclaim for directing "Melvin And Howard", "Silence Of The Lambs" and "Philadelphia" Demme died April 26, 2017 in New York City at the age of 73.

If you watch television, you no doubt have seen Miriam Colon appearing on a show, in fact she appeared in 250 television programs from 1955 through 2015 including a stint on the daytime soap opera "The Edge Of Night".  Colon didn't appear in any horror or science fiction films but did appear in several "B" films starting with "Battle of Bloody Beach" with Audie Murphy, "Harbor Lights" and "Thunder Island", all in the early 60's.   Colon died March 3rd, 2017 of pulmonary  infection, she was 80.

Another director who scared the hell out of audiences died.  The film that brought him to forefront began with a group of young people in on a road trip in Texas who pick up a hitchhiker who just so happens to be a member of a family of cannibals.  This was our introduction to Tobe Hooper's "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in 1974. Hooper produced and directed the film for $300-thousand using a group of relatively unknown actors from Central Texas where the film was shot. It was inspired by the crimes of real-life murderer Ed Gein. Several countries banned the film from the start which eventually made some $30-million. the Austin-Texas born Hooper directed the sequel, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" in 1986 but hit the big time with "Poltergeist" in 1982. Some of the other films Hooper directed were "Eaten Alive" also known as "Death Trap in 1977 with Neville Brand, "Funhouse" in 1981 and "Life Force" in 1982. Some of his other films were "Spontaneous Combustion" in 1999 with Brad Douriff, "Invaders From Mars" in 1986, "Night Terrors" in 1993. The "Mangler" in 1995 and "Djinn" his final film in 2013. Wes Craven, Hideo Nakata, Rob Zombie and Ridley Scott were among the directors who said they were influenced by Hooper. Hooper directed "Salem's Lot" for television in 1999.  Hooper died August 26, 2017 of Natural causes at the age of 74.

A member of the Stuntman's Hall Of Fame, Brad Harris appeared in 50 films. He was born in St Anthony, Idaho and was a stunt double in "Spartacus". In 1961 he appeared in "Goliath Against the Giants" and "Samson" and would appear in a number of sword and sandal, western and spy films. His teaming up with Tony Kendall in a number of films led to their pairing in the "Kommisar X" films for 7 films and was in the horror film "Mutations" with Donald Pleasence and future Doctor Who Tom Baker.  Harris invented and markets exercise products called "AB-OrigOnals." He owns a company called Modern Body Design. He died at the age of 84 on November 7th, 2017.

Yoshio Tsuchiya passed away in February at the age of 90 but due to other family health matters, the news was only made public in August. The actor who was born in Kofu, Japan made his debut in 1952 in "Murder Suspect" and was then chosen to appear in "The Seven Samurai". Because he was filming "Samurai" he could not be in the original Godzilla which was being shot at Toho Studios at the same time but he would watch the filming and insisted to have a part in the first sequel, "Godzilla Raids Again". It was the beginning of a long association with Toho Science Fiction next playing the alien leader in "The Mysterians".  He would appear in a semi-sequel to that film "Battle In Outer Space", "The Human Vapor", "Matango", "Frankenstein Conquers The World" and "Son Of Godzilla" among others. In 1991 he would return to the genre in "Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah", On television he would have roles in the science fiction series "Ultra Q", "Ultraman" and "Ultra Seven". Tsuchiya appeared at the 1998 G-Fest in Chicago where he delighted the audience with stories about Nick Adams, his co star in "Monster Zero" and "Frankenstein Conquers The World".

Robert Horton, known to many television viewers for his appearances on "Wagon Train"  from 1957-62 as scout Flint McCollough and then later as the amnesiac cowboy in "A Man Called Shenandoah"  from 1965-66 died March 9th at the age of 91. Horton, who was also on the daytime soap opera "As The World Turns" performed in the "B" genre in 1968 with "The Green Slime" as Commander Jack Rankin, with Lucianna Paluzzi and Richard Jaeckel.  Horton said it was "so bad it's become a cult film" and he did say he and his wife enjoyed the 8 weeks they spent in Japan making the film which appears to be an offshoot/continuation of the Italian space operas of the 60's "Wild, Wild Planet" and "Snow Devils" among others.  He was also in a TV Movie, "The Dangerous Days OF Kiowa Jones" and played former secret agent John Smith in a pair of British films, "The Spy Killer" and "Foreign Exchange". In 2008, Horton and Paluzzi appeared for the 40th Anniversary of "The Green Slime" signing autographs and answering questions about the film.

In 1954 a prehistoric creature the Japanese call Godzilla walked out of Tokyo Bay.  But it was what is called "suit-mation" worn by an actor. That actor was Haruo Nakajima who began acting in films in 1952, Toho's visual effects director, Eiji Tsuburaya considered Nakajima completely invaluable,[1] and was employed to essay the roles of most of the kaiju(Japanese monsters) during his career as a suit actor and did so for the next 24 years portraying Godzilla 12 times in addition to other Kaiju. For the past 21 years Nakajima had been maklng appearances all over the world at conventions meeting his fans and it became something he really enjoyed. I had the pleasure of meeting him a number of times, truly a gentleman. Nakajima died August 7, 2917 at the age of 89.


Tony Russell was an American film and television actor who appeared exclusively in the Italian Film industry. He is rumored to be one of the actors who turned down the lead role in "A Fistfull of Dollars". In the 60's Russell made a couple of sword and sandal films and starred as Commander Mike Hallstead in "Wild Wild Planet" and it's sequel "War of The Planets". They were part of the "Gamma One" series of films which could include in part "The Green Slime". Russell died March 18, 2017, he was 91.

Television fans saw Richard Hatch in many series in the 1970's guest starring in a number of series but appearing as a regular in the final season of "The Streets Of San Francisco" taking over for Michael Douglas who went on to make movies. Hatch went on to appear in "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" and then was a co-star on "Battlestar Galactica" for 2 seasons.  Hatch was in "Charlie Chan and The Curse Of The Dragon Queen" and "Prisoners of The Lost Universe"  Hatch died February 7th, 2017 of pancreatic cancer, he was 71.

British film director Robert Day directed some 40 films between 1956 and 1991. Day worked his way up from clapper boy to cinematographer to director. He directed "The Haunted Strangler" and Corridors of Blood", both with Boris Karloff and "First Man Into Space" with Marshall Thompson in the 50's.  In 1965 he directed "She" for Hammer FIlms starring Ursula Andress, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. He also directed "Tarzan's Three Challengens", "Tarzan And The Valley of Gold" and "Tarzan and The Great River".  Day would direct numerous television shows in the 70's and 80's including "Matlock", "Barnaby Jones" and "Dallas". Day died March 17, 2017 he was 94.

She tried to kill James Bond, encountered Fu Manchu and was threatened by a number of bizarre people in several Edgar Wallace Krimi films.  Karin Dor was born in Germany in 1936 and in Europe became a big star whose career began in the 1950's and lasted until her final film in 2016. Dor also appeared in the "Old Shatterhand" films in the 60's and was Stewart Granger's girlfriend in "A Target For Killing" one of the Euro Spy films. She was also in the Hitchcock film "Topaz". In 1967 she appeared in the Sean Connery "You Only Live Twice" as Helga Brandt, Specter henchman 11 who would be fed to a pool of piranhas. She co starred with Christopher Lee and Lex Barker in "Blood Demon". Dor was 79 when she died on November 6 2017.

Gregg Palmer also left us.  Also passing away on October 31st at the age of 88.  The former Army Air Corp veteran performed in a number of westerns in the 50's-60's and 70's both on television and in the movies and was a member of  the John Wayne Stock Company appearing in"The Undefeated","Rio Lobo", "Chisum","Big Jake" and "The Shootist".  Palmer's appearances in "B" films began with the 1956 "Creature Walks Among Us" as "Jed Grant", not a nice character.  He would follow that up in 1957 with the role of "Kimo" who returns as a walking tree in "From Hell It Came" and as a treasure hunter in the 1957 "Zombies of Mora Tau" Jeff Clark and in 1961 as Lt.Fisher in "The Most Dangerous Man Alive".In an interview in 2013 with Jeremy Roberts of The Examiner, Palmer attributed his multiple acting appearances to his preparation: "If you come prepared and do your best, you'll work. When you don't perform right, you're not called back

Elsa Martinelli never appeared in a horror film, many people here didn't but she die appear in several Euro Spy films such as "Maroc 7" and "OSS  117 Takes a Vacation" and "The 10th Victim". She also appeared opposite John Wayne in "Hatari", Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Maggie Smith and Rod Taylor in " The VIP's" and in the comedy "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium" Her final acting appearance was in 2005. She died July 8th, 2017 at the age of 82.

A career dating back to 1950's television, craggy-faced Harry Dean Stanton was familiar to tv and movie viewers. 200 films and shows, he really gained acclaim in the 70's with appearances in "Cockfighter", "Cisco Pike" and "Two Lane Backtop" . The Kentucky-born actor, known as Dean Stanton in his early years appeared in "The Mini Skirt Mob", "Alien", "Christine", "Godfather II", "Rebel Rousers", "Escape From New York" and "Paris: Texas".  He acquired a whole new audience thanks to his appearances in "Twin Peaks" and the cable tv series "Big Love". Stanton said he worked with the best directors and could have been a director but felt it was too much work.  Stanton died September 15th of natural causes at the age of 91.

Born in West Virginia, Bernie Casey played professional football with the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49er's and then found a career like a number of other former football players in acting.  His first film? "Guns of the Magnificent Seven" with George Kennedy, James Whitmore and Joe Don Baker.  He then appeared with former ex football player Jim Brown in "Tick-tick-tick" and "Black Gunn".  Fans today remember his role in the television movie "Gargoyles" where he played the title role and back on the big screen was in "Cleopatra Jones".  He was the title character in "Dr.Black & Mr. Hyde" a black variation of the classic novel and teamed with Burt Reynolds in "Sharkey's Machine" and "Rent A Cop".  Casey played opposite Sean Connery, landing the role of CIA agent Felix Leiter in "Never Say Never Again". Casey also spoofed him self- in the Blackploitation send up "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" with Jim Brown, Issac Hayes and Antonio Fargas and continued with a comedic role in "Revenge of The Nerds". His last film was in 2007 "Vegas Vampires". Casey died on September 20, 2017 at the age of 78.

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Yvonne Monlaur had the pleasure of co-starring with three men who would chill your spine from the 50's through the 90's.  She co-starred with Donald Pleseance and Anton Diffring in the 1960 "Circus Of Horrors" and again in the same year with Peter Cushing in "Brides of Dracula". A year later she would co-star with Christopher Lee in "Terror Of The Tongs". Monlaur would continue acting until 1969 when she would go into retirement. Over the past few years, she would appear at conventions, usually taking part in panels discussing Hammer Films.  Monlaur died Tuesday April 18,2017, she was 77.

He was Dr.Cal Meacham in the 1955 "This Island Earth"  Rex Reason who like his brother Rhodes had a memorable speaking voice died November 19th at the age of 86. Reason, like many other actors at the time did many westerns both on the big screen and on television. He too was in "The Creature Walks Among Us" as the sympathetic scientist, Dr. Tom Morgan. Reason appeared on television in the series  "Man Without A Gun" and in the 60's in "The Roaring Twenties". After his film and television acting career ended, he worked as a real estate broker and had a second career as a voiceover actor. During his later years, Reason was in retirement and living in Walnut, California, with his third wife, Shirley.Reason died in Walnut, California from bladder cancer

Powers Boothe recently seen on Agents of SHIELD, got the attention of audiences as Jim Jones in the made for TV film, "Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones". The Texas-born native appeared as detective Phillip Marlowe in an HBO series and continued to appear in films such as "Red Dawn" and "Extreme Prejudice" . Boothe continued to act through this year appearing in the series "Marvel Agents of SHIELD". Boothe died at the age of 68 on May 14, 2017.

Peter Sallis OBE was known as the voice of Wallace on the animated  "Wallace & Grommit" films and appeared on the series "Last of The Summer Wine". He appeared on television in an episode of "Doctor Who" and on the big screen he was in "Curse Of The Werewolf" with Oliver Reed and "Taste the Blood Of Dracula" with Christopher Lee, both films for Hammer, and also in the 1973 TV film "Frankenstein: The True Story" and in 1969 in "Scream and Scream Again" with Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.  Sallis died in London on June 2nd, 2017, he was 96.

TV viewers remember Skip Homeier who appeared in films in the 50's and 60's but made a big impact appearing on the original "Outer Limits" and twice onthe original "Star Trek" and appeared on "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea". George Vincent Homeier, known as "Skippy" began as a child actor on radio in 1941 in "Portia Faces Life". Homeier primarily acted in Westerns and in 1976 was in the TV movie, "Helter Skelter". Homeier was 86 when he died on June 26, 2017.

Ji-Tu Cumbuka.   If you saw "blackplotation" films in the 70's you saw him. A stage and film actor, Cumbuka appeared on television on "Mission Impossible", "Dukes Of Hazzard", "Daniel Boone", "The A-Team" and the critically acclaimed mini series "Roots". On the big screen Cumbuka in "Uptight", "Harlem Knights", the wise-cracking "Skillet" in "Blacula" and as a detective in Dr. Black And Mr. Hyde" with Bernie Casey.  Cumbuka died July 4th 2017.

In the 1960's, who didn't watch "Batman"?  Adam West took the part of the "caped-crusader" and went with it propelling the campy show to one of the most popular on ABC TV airing twice weekly.  West had a film career but it was as Batman he had the most exposure.  He appeared in an Italian Western "The Relentless Four", a former agent in "The Girl Who Knew Too Much", "Robinson Caruso On Mars", and "Mara Of The Wilderness".  But it was as Batman that West will always be remembered for. West died at the age of 88 on June 9th, 2017.

Scottish born American actress Quinn O'Hara made her mark appearing in a pair of "Beach Party" type films in the 60's.  The first was "A Swinging Summer" with James Stacy, William Wellman Jr., and a young Raquel Welch who actually sang in the film. O'Hara's second beach party film was "Ghost In The Invisible Bikini" as Basil Rathbone's near sighted daughter Sinistra.  The film was at the end of the Beach Party cycle and featured Tommy Kirk, Deborah Walley, Aaron Kincaid, Boris Karloff, Patsy Kelly and Harvey Lembeck.  O'Hara also appeared in several television shows including "The Saint"  O'Hara died at the age of 75 on May 5, 2017.

In 1958 a young Steve McQueen had his first starring role in a film about an organism that came to earth in a meteor and began absorbing people and growing.  That film was "The Blob".  It was produced by Jack H.Harris who was born in Philadelphia and got his start in show business Harris began his career in the show business as a vaudeville performer in Gus Edwards' Kiddie Revue when he was six years old. He would later work in a theatre as an usher, in a publicity department, and in the distribution field, finally later taking up producing. Harris would go on to produce "The 4-D Man" with Robert Lansing, "Dinosaurus" about the discovery of two prehistoric monsters and a caveman on a Caribbean island. "Equinox", "Beware, The Blob" a sequel to the 1958 film,"The Eyes Of Laura Mars", and the 1988 remake of "The Blob"

Harris was among the 22 people selected to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014, in the motion pictures category.[6]95 at the time of his unveiling ceremony held on February 4, 2014, he was the oldest person to be honored with a star on the Walk of Fame. Harris died March 14, 2017, he was 98.

Where would Perry Mason be without Della Street or Paul Drake?  No where and fortunately for television viewers, we never found out.   Barbara Hale portrayed Della Street with Raymond Burr's Perry Mason and William Hopper's Paul Drake  but she began her Hollywood career with bit parts in films starting in 1943 with "Gildersleeves Bad Day" and continued in un-credited roles until 1944 when she was in "The Falcon Out West".  Hale continued to pick up roles and was the title character in the 1951 film "Lorna Doone". But it was in 1957 lasting through 1966 that she played Della Street on Perry Mason, appearing in all 271 episodes.  Hale reprised the role in 30 Perry Mason made for tv films from 1985 to 1995 and her real life son William Katt played in 9 of those as Paul Drake Jr.  

Hale continued to take roles in films such as "Buckskin" and the first "Airport" where she played Dean Martin's wife.  Hale and her husband Bill Williams co-starred in "The Giant Spider Invasion" in 1977 with a number of veteran actors including Steve Brodie, Alan Hale Jr.,and Leslie Parrish.  Hale died January 26, 2017, she was 94 years old.

Sir John Hurt's career spanned 6 decades appearing in "A Man For All Seasons","The Ghoul" with Peter Cushing, "Midnight Express", "Scandal", "The Hit", "Naked Civil Servant", "The Elephant Man" and many more including an appearance as the War Doctor in "Doctor Who: Day of The Doctor" in 2013.  But many of us remember him as crewman Kane in the 1977 science fiction hit "Alien" when the creature bursts from his chest.  Hurt was knighted in 2015, he died January 27, 2017 at the age of 77.